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What To Expect

Hello to you all!

Well, as you can see I have done as I said I would do and deleted all past posts from my blog but please do not be alarmed. If you missed my warning message then allow me to repeat what was said within my earlier post that was made last month.

For a while, a lot of unfortunate events were plaguing my life and affecting myself and my family in a terrible way… However, as I slowly but surely overcome the challenges those events presented me with and move forward with my life I began to think about fresh starts and just how useful one may be. So, here we are, the blog had been ‘reset’ so to speak but I do intend on keeping it for its original purpose and therefore the content will not change – only improve!

With that in mind I can also say that I plan on keeping on top of posting and even have spreadsheets to help me manage the posts I intend to make and help me ensure that I do, in fact, post daily. Whilst these spreadsheets will not be shown publicly, I will consult them on a regular basis to ensure the timetable is being followed and deadlines are met. If you are curious to know about when to expect posts however then here is the posting times below:

fandomfrenzy posting times as of july 2018

So what can you expect to see posted at these times? Just like before this blog looks to present its readers with a number of reviews for books, movies, TV shows and the likes… In addition to that I will also post various articles written by myself regarding a number of subjects and even evaluation posts that will explore characters, events and more in depth from both an objective and subjective perspective.

Furthermore, as well as being able to comment on individual posts with your own opinions and such, each Sunday a ‘Suggestion Sunday’ post will be made in which you will specifically be able to comment with any suggestions you have regarding what you’d like to see on the blog, your recommended reads or movies and TV shows you would like me to review or simply give my opinion on then and there.

And that, my friends, is it and thank you to you all for being understanding and supportive as of late, I hope that all of you are keeping well also!

Smile always,