Suggestion Sunday

Suggestion Sunday



Do you have any topics you would like me to post about on my blog, within reason of course? Are you interested on my thoughts and opinions regarding an issue? Or do you simply have a book, TV show, movie etc recommendation to make?

Let me know by commenting below and I’ll get back to you either in the comments as well or in a future blog post!

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Movies: Me > You

Consider this post the opposite of Suggestion Sunday. 

If you don’t know about Suggestion Sunday then let me explain it to you. Basically, every Sunday a post of made specifically in order to invite all you readers to make any comments, recommendations or suggestions about the blog, movies to watch, TV shows to check out and books to read etc. This, being the opposite, is the chance for me to tell you quickly about some of those I think you may enjoy – some of which may even be reviewed later here on my blog…



American Assassin (2017) 
Wish Upon (2017) 
Bless The Child (2000)



MTV’s Teen Wolf (6 Seasons)
BBC’s Merlin (5 Seasons)
BBC’s Sherlock (4 Seasons)



Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
The Gatekeeper by Kevin J. Kennedy
The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James


If any of you have watched or read any of these then feel free to comment your own thoughts! 🙂



Personal: Facts About Me ETC

My Top 10 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Merlin
  2. Sherlock
  3. Shadowhunters
  4. Terra Nova
  5. Supergirl
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Iron Fist
  8. Jessica Jones
  9. Come Dine With Me
  10. Gordon Ramsey’s: Hell’s Kitchen


These top 10 favourite TV Shows are in no particular order in regards to the list itself. However these are the shows that make the top ten. I highly recommend watching each and every single one of them!

Have you watched to any of them? What are your favourite TV shows? Let me know in the comments!




Suggestion Sunday

Suggestion Sunday



Do you have any topics you would like me to post about on my blog, within reason of course? Are you interested on my thoughts and opinions regarding an issue? Or do you simply have a book, TV show, movie etc recommendation to make?

Let me know by commenting below and I’ll get back to you either in the comments as well or in a future blog post!

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The Reality of Fiction


Stories? We all spend our lives telling them, about this, about that, about people. . . But some? Some stories are so good we wish they’d never end. They’re so gripping that we’ll go without sleep just to see a little bit more. Some stories bring us laughter and sometimes they bring us tears. . . but isn’t that what a great story does? Makes you feel? – Dustin Hoffman

A story can be true, a story can be false, it can be whatever the storyteller makes it and that is a type of power which some people still fear today. There are many who still restrict their children from reading novels or watching certain television shows, and even still, there are those who hear or see the word fiction and roll their eyes. We aren’t here to criticize or insult those individuals since everyone has a right to live their lives how they wish along with having their own opinion. However, we are here to hopefully highlight and provide some enlightenment on the importance in which fiction holds.

Firstly, just what makes fiction so important to people? Of course, there’s the idea that fiction provides individuals with an opportunity to escape and it’s most likely that many individuals would agree that. When things are tough, all it takes is picking up a good book or sitting in front of the TV and diving into a fantasy world of your choosing and suddenly – for even a moment – all the problems of ones’ reality are gone. In addition to this, this escapism theory is also a reason which is both similar yet different. With fiction, whether it be books, movies or TV shows, we can embark on epic adventures filled with mystery and danger whilst never leaving the comfort of our own bedrooms or wherever you enjoy reading. There are many reasons why fiction is incredibly great and the list truly is endless. The importance of it is something that cannot be stressed enough and there are even studies carried out by psychologists which shows that expanding ones’ imagination with stories and the possibilities and opportunities which they offer is advantageous to the individuals’ health.

So why would anyone feel the need to shut themselves away and deny themselves or others the incredulous tales which are provided to us through fiction? It’s most likely that you know someone of the sort and as I said before, we’re not here to judge, but it is merely an attempt to coax them into acceptance. Anyone who is out there and reading this who doesn’t see the good in fictional worlds and characters in books, you truly do not know what you are missing. Does the attempt to draw non-fiction lovers in sound almost familiar? Perhaps it’s a conversation that you’ve had with someone or perhaps you’re a fan of the TV show, Once Upon a Time. The following is a quote taken from Season 1, Episode 17 entitled ‘Hat Trick’:

Emma Swan: This is it. This is the real world.

Jefferson/Mad Hatter: A real world. How arrogant are you to think yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind. They touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands, each just as real as the last. All have their own rules. Some have magic, some don’t. And some need magic. Like this one.

In this particular scene, Emma Swan (portrayed by Jennifer Morrison) is given a reality check – pun intended – by the Mad Hatter (portrayed by Sebastian Stan). The words spoken by Stan’s character, Jefferson at this moment are somewhat harsh within the context of the show itself, but they are true to an extent and also have the ability to spark any fantasist with a sense of hope and wonder.

Hope and wonder are key elements to any story whether it be fiction or not, but magic? Magic is something else entirely. Magic is an element which gives fiction a bad reputation among some and an aspect of a story that will make others want to devour the story and never want it to end. One particularly well-known book series which manages to do just that is the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. Avoiding a biased opinion, it is understandable why some may believe the story is not for them and that choice must be respected. However, there are those out there who shun the books and movies alike because they are “too farfetched”, “too fanciful” and “merely a children’s story”. How wrong that is…

Keeping in mind the Harry Potter series is merely the example being used in this article and it does not necessarily mean the issue here does not apply to other works of fiction. That issue being that one can not simply judge a story so callously. Harry Potter – and indeed other fictional works – aren’t just about wand waving, potion brewing, imaginary creatures and imaginary locations. . .  They are about so much more than that. They are about characters who much like us all spend their lives trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world they are in. They are about friendship, loyalty, and betrayal among other issues which affect us all in reality.

All of these things come together to make a great story, a great work of fiction in which fantastical and realistic factors come together effortlessly. It can be easily seen that fiction is a form of art which speaks to us individually and allows us as individuals to interpret whatever content it provides us with in our own unique way. Stories are just another means of allowing us to learn what it is to love, to lose, or to live…

Fiction helps to teach us what it is to be human.

This article can also be read on The Nerd Daily site, if you’re interested in reading, liking and commenting there instead then click on the following link: THE NERD DAILY: THE REALITY OF FICTION.



Question Time

Question Time With Jayse

Question Time Jayse

Last month, I had an idea of inviting fellow readers to collaborate, of sorts, with me for particular pieces to feature on my blog. Jayse, my fellow team member of The Nerd Daily, was the first individual I invited to do this with. Much to my delight, Jayse agreed and thus Question Time was created! The following blog post consists of a number of questions which Jayse and I asked each other and hopefully you, the reader, will be able to use it as a means of getting to know myself and friend, Jayse, a little better. Enjoy!


Jayse Asks Me
Favourite Book Of All Time

It took a long time to decide what book I was going to chose as an answer to this question but eventually I was able to come to a final decision. American Assassin by Vince Flynn would have to be my favourite book of all time! The novel is the first in a series of sixteen books telling the origin story, of sorts, of how Mitch Rapp became the C.I.A’s top assassin.

I Ask Jayse:
When And How Did Your Passion For Reading Begin?

I think my passion for books and reading began in ‘prep’ which is Australia’s first year of school. I had a very passionate teacher who noticed that I actually couldn’t read yet, one of the only kids in the school who couldn’t. I was placed in a remedial reading class with an AMAZING lady named Louise Wright who at the time was just volunteering. I spent hours each week with her reading books and sounding out words. From then I have become an avid reader who devours books and I am SO grateful that my teachers picked up my issues at that very early stage.

Jayse Asks Me:
If You Could Live In Any Fantasy Land Which Would It Be i.e. Narnia etc.

No hesitation is needed for answering this question, I must say the magical world of Harry Potter and all that comes with it. I want to be a part of that world, attend Hogwarts and visit all the magical locations J.K’s imagination had to offer.

I ask Jayse

What Was The First Book You Can Remember Having Read By Yourself?

The very first I remember reading by myself – I know its not the first is a series by Katherine Applegate called Animorphs. I read the entire series and still have them to this day.

Jayse Asks Me:
Do You Listen To Music Whilst Reading? If So, What Music?

I don’t always listen to music whilst reading but most of the time I do. I tend to listen to movie soundtracks and scores and even the soundtracks to musicals whilst reading, especially if there is a song of piece of music which I feel fits the theme. If the book has a movie adaption, then I will listen to the tracks of that as I read the scenes within the novel.

I ask Jayse:
If You Could Write A Book, Then Which Genre Would Your Book Be Categorized In?

I’m actually a budding author and I have eight novels in progress (I just need to pick one to work on and finish it) I have written sci-fi, a couple YA fantasy and I’ve also began writing a thriller which covers topics of domestic violence.

Jayse Asks Me

Favourite Childhood Author?

J.K Rowling. Whether the explanation is justifiable for this answer or not really depends on your opinion. Up until I started High School Rowling’s Harry Potter series were the only books which I read and even once I had started High School it took so long for me to really begin to explore the reading horizon and give Potter some distance.

I Ask Jayse

Who Are Your Top 3 Favourite Authors?

Top three, sheesh that’s so HARD because I love so many varied authors…okay three. Third would be – Melanie Casey, Australian author who wrote the Cass Lehman series which is about a clairvoyant who when she stands where a death has occurred she actually experiences the moments before, during and after the death.
Second – Victoria Aveyard, I adore the Red Queen series. I’ve read the first three with War Storm patiently waiting to be read on my shelves.
First – My favourite author is Patrick Rothfuss, he writes the Kingkiller series. There are currently two books in the series and fans have been waiting YEARS for the third book. I am hoping that I’ll arrive in 2019!! Fingers crossed.

Jayse Asks Me:
Favourite Television/Movie Series?

Oh, what the heck, I’ll answer both! My favourite television series definitely has to be The Pillars of the Earth (an adaption to the book of the same title written by Ken Follett). I absolutely adore that series and it’s the DVD set that I take with me whenever I go to stay at one of my family members house.
As for movie series, I don’t know if it counts as a series per say but definitely the Marvel movies. I’m addicted to them and considering throughout High School I hated hearing anything about them I realize that I wasted a lot of years doing my best to pretend they didn’t exist. God, I’m stupid!

I Ask Jayse:
Do You Have A Fictional Crush, If So Then Who Is It?

Hmm, not really, no. I have characters who I really adore – Mare Barrow is one of them. I just love how she’s been thrown into this situation she didn’t even know was a possibility and is handling it. It shows great adaptability.

Jayse Asks Me:
Do You Read Comics/Graphic Novels? If So, Which Ones?

I don’t read them as much as I would like to… I own a few comics and I also have a few graphic novels on my Kindle app on my mobile phone though. The ones I own are Marvel comics and comics related to books and television series’ that I enjoy.

I Ask Jayse:
If You Could Be A Character Within Any Book/Movie/TV Show etc, Which Book etc Would You Choose?

Oh man I would literally be any character in the charmed series. I absolutely love the OG charmed. I am sooooo scared that they’re going to stuff up the remake man.

Jayse Asks Me:
What’s The Perfect Snack To Have Whilst Reading?

I can’t limit that answer to telling you of one snack… I have a ‘dish’ that I prepare called “Stacey’s Snack Pack” which I tend to pick at through whilst reading and it consists of a sandwich, some fruit, a packet of crisps, and maybe a piece of chocolate. This topped with a can of cola at the side makes for my perfect dish of food to each whilst reading.

I Ask Jayse:
Have You Ever Disliked A Book, If So Which One And Why?

I actually come across books I dislike all the time – It could be the mood I’m in when going in to read the book, it could be that I didn’t read the blurb and cannot follow the book or if it’s badly written. I always say that if you aren’t into a book by the time you’ve read 80 pages, put it down. There’s not enough time in life for books you don’t enjoy.

Jayse Asks Me:
You’re Trapped On A Desert Island, What Five Things Have You Got With You?

Book 1: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Book 2: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K Rowling
Clothing Item: My Bucky Barnes cap
Survival Item: My pocketknife
Additional Item: My travel blanket given to me by my Nan

I Ask Jayse:
Which Fictional Character Would Be Your Enemy?

Maven from Red Queen or Bellatrix from HP.

Jayse Asks Me:
Regular Book, eBook or Audio Book?

Regular book. However, I am slowly coming around to the idea of personally accepting eBooks and Audio books as a means of reading. It only took me to the age of 22 years-old to finally find some enjoyment in using a kindle.

I Ask Jayse:
Which Song Best Fits/Describes Your Favourite Book?

Honestly, not just one. When I’m reading I’m usually listening to a ‘themed’ playlist from spotify. If I’m reading sci-fi it’ll be outer space themed, if I’m reading fantasy it’ll be that themed music I’m listening to. So yeah…that’s me. Lol.

Jayse Asks Me:
Has There Been A Book Which You Absolutely Hated?

Actually, no… At least, not yet! There have been books that I look back on and think… “I can’t believe I enjoyed it as much as I did whilst reading it at the time” but there’s never been a book that I’ve read and thought… “Get this book away from me!”. I tend to enjoy all the books I read to some extent.

I Ask Jayse:
Who Are Your Two Favourite Characters From Anywhere (Book, Movie, etc), Now Which One Would You Rather Meet If You Could In Real Life?

I’d love to meet anyone from the movie Stardust, its one of my favourites based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. ❤

Well, that is the end of this session of Question Time! Thanks again to Jayse for his participation and if you are interested in reading any of his published work for The Nerd Daily then feel free to click on the link below to be directed to his profile: 




The Nerd Daily

The Nerd Daily

Some of you may be wondering right now well, what is The Nerd Daily? Let me tell you…

The Nerd Daily is a website which I discovered whilst browsing for sites on which I could post reviews for the books I read, movies I watched and just generally be able to state my opinions on and meet others who enjoyed the same things I did.


It is, as described on the site:


So, as you can see, it really was the perfect site for me to come across. After that, all it took was sending a quick email to the editor to introduce myself and express my interest and I was soon a team member!

me on tnd

Since then I have written a few articles for The Nerd Daily and intend to continue writing a lot more… Should you wish to read the articles which I have written then feel free to click on the link below which will take you to my profile, the link is also available at the top of my blog too. Additionally, my articles are also posted to my blog the following day after their publication on the site but still feel free to go along to The Nerd Daily website to like and comment on my works there!


May I also take a moment to suggest that you also have a read at the other articles posted by the other team members of The Nerd Daily as well? Hello, also, to any Nerd Daily writers AND readers out there who are reading this post right now.


Suggestion Sunday

Suggestion Sunday



Do you have any topics you would like me to post about on my blog, within reason of course? Are you interested on my thoughts and opinions regarding an issue? Or do you simply have a book, TV show, movie etc recommendation to make?

Let me know by commenting below and I’ll get back to you either in the comments as well or in a future blog post!

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Personal Messages/Updates

What To Expect

Hello to you all!

Well, as you can see I have done as I said I would do and deleted all past posts from my blog but please do not be alarmed. If you missed my warning message then allow me to repeat what was said within my earlier post that was made last month.

For a while, a lot of unfortunate events were plaguing my life and affecting myself and my family in a terrible way… However, as I slowly but surely overcome the challenges those events presented me with and move forward with my life I began to think about fresh starts and just how useful one may be. So, here we are, the blog had been ‘reset’ so to speak but I do intend on keeping it for its original purpose and therefore the content will not change – only improve!

With that in mind I can also say that I plan on keeping on top of posting and even have spreadsheets to help me manage the posts I intend to make and help me ensure that I do, in fact, post daily. Whilst these spreadsheets will not be shown publicly, I will consult them on a regular basis to ensure the timetable is being followed and deadlines are met. If you are curious to know about when to expect posts however then here is the posting times below:

fandomfrenzy posting times as of july 2018

So what can you expect to see posted at these times? Just like before this blog looks to present its readers with a number of reviews for books, movies, TV shows and the likes… In addition to that I will also post various articles written by myself regarding a number of subjects and even evaluation posts that will explore characters, events and more in depth from both an objective and subjective perspective.

Furthermore, as well as being able to comment on individual posts with your own opinions and such, each Sunday a ‘Suggestion Sunday’ post will be made in which you will specifically be able to comment with any suggestions you have regarding what you’d like to see on the blog, your recommended reads or movies and TV shows you would like me to review or simply give my opinion on then and there.

And that, my friends, is it and thank you to you all for being understanding and supportive as of late, I hope that all of you are keeping well also!

Smile always,