& So It Begins. . . 

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. . . 

My name is Stacey, I’m 23 years-old and last year I was hit with a wave of inspiration. I am forever watching people on YouTube carry out book reviews, movie reviews etc. and the idea appealed to me. There was just one major block in the plan: I’m not too fond of being in front of the camera myself and so I sat down and explored the other ways in which individuals put forth their thoughts online. Social media sites like Facebook, TwitterTumblr and Instagram to name a few provided me with some possible means of doing so but I wanted something better, something which I could truly make my own. 

Cue the re-awakening of my fascination with journalism and so I poured over various entertainment magazines (Empire being my favourite), and my seemingly endless search online for sites that would provide the opportunity to do what I was passionate about. . . I was lucky enough to find the site The Nerd Daily, which allowed me not only to write reviews which would be published online but a variety of other articles as well. 

Still, there was something appealing to me about having my own personal blog and so here we are: my blog which will bring to you my reviews, opinions and thoughts on movies, TV shows, books, and even just the occasional opinion of mine. 

Comments are moderated by myself but feel free to comment and respond and we can discuss regarding the topic of choosing. I also take recommendations, if you have a book, TV show or movie you’d like me to review, character you’d like me to discuss or just general topics relevant to every day reality. NOTE: I will plan blog plans in advance so please keep this in mind. 

Now, that’s enough from me for now – just sit back and the blogging will commence in one hour. 

Kind Regards,