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I Joined A Book Club

So from the title, you most likely know what this blog post is about… I have, as stated in the post title, joined a book club which is run at one of my local libraries!

Therefore, given that the book club will most likely assign me novels to read which I may not ever have chosen to read without being prompted, I will document it each time a new book is given.

I also plan on reviewing the books as well! Consider this post just a little notification. 🙂

Hoping that you are all well,


Book Reviews

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell



Published in the UK in 2014, Fangirl is a contemporary Young Adult fiction novel written by Rainbow Rowell. The 456 paged novel follows the main character Cath as she begins University along with her twin sister, Wren. With her sister determined to become more independent, Cath is faced with going through Uni life without Wren to lean on as well as overcoming the challenges which life at University presents: socialising, course work, boys and of course finishing her beloved fan-fiction before the release of the final book.

Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead…

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Book Review: Avalon High by Meg Cabot

ah br

An issue that I came across whilst writing up my notes for this book review was identifying the correct year in which this book was published. Online the publication date varies between 2005-2007 and the copy of the book which I own also stated that the novel was first published in 2006, whilst the edition itself was published in 2007. The novel itself was written by Meg Cabot and whilst it is a stand alone novel, a trilogy of manga comics act as continuation of the story. The 280 paged novel follows teenager Ellie Harrison as she enrolls at Avalon High where she discovers that the legends surrounding the Once and Future King, Arthur Pendragon, may not be just a myth but true and that she is to play a crucial roll in this modern day tale of the reincarnated figures that define medieval mythology.

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Book Review: The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James


the loneliest girl in the universe

What a read! The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James is a 290 paged YA (Young Adult) fiction novel which was published in 2017. This stand alone novel tells the story of Romy Silvers who is on-board ‘The Infinity’ spacecraft which has been sent from Earth to locate Earth 2.0. The only communication Romy has is with Molly and a mysterious boy named J who is on-board ‘The Eternity’ spacecraft which is set to combine with her own. When contact with Molly fails, the only person Romy has to talk to is J and as she slowly falls for the mysterious stranger all that’s left to do is wait until he catches up with her.

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling

hp 1 br



Published in 1997, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a 332 paged fantasy fiction novel written by J.K Rowling. The first in a series of seven books, its pages tell the story of a young boy named Harry Potter who is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is here that he learns what it is to be a Wizard, makes both friends and enemies alike and comes face-to-face with the greatest dark Wizard of his time.

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Book Review: The Werewolf by Colin Dunne


The Werewolf


The Werewolf by Colin Dunne is a 126 paged tale which was published in 1999. This horror fiction novel follows the character of 12 year-old Lyddie who, along with her dog Maxxie, lives with her Auntie Pauline in a small town in Newcastle. Following an attack on her dog, Lyddie and her friends Stipo and Stodge encounter the mysterious Count Lupus whom Stipo recognises as the “Emperor” of Werewolves. Knowing that their knowledge of his true self is the only motivation he needs for wanting to be rid of them, the trio embark on a journey to destroy him first facing death and worse to protect each other and the town from the Werewolf…

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Book Review: The Gatekeeper by Kevin J. Kennedy

thegatekeeper by kjk

the gatekeeper - -- -

Lets set the scene: You are approached by a mysterious stranger who offers you the chance to make all your wishes come true. The catch? You only have to work one day per year. Do you take the opportunity? 

In regards to the main character of The Gatekeeper written by Scottish Author Kevin J. Kennedy the answer is yes. This short fiction horror tale “was originally written for the Black Candy Halloween anthology by Jaded Books Publishing” as stated within the novel. The tale itself is told to us through the use of the first person narrative and perspective of the main character, The Gatekeeper himself, making for an intriguing read right from the very first page! The Gatekeeper – pre occupation – is a drunk who appears to spend the majority of his time drinking in a bar in which he can get alcohol at a cheap price. It is here that he is approached by a mysterious ‘devil-looking’ individual who offers him the chance of a lifetime and so the events begin to unfold.

Without going into much detail for fear of simply retelling the story I can say that the following events which play out within the story make for an entertaining read! The balance within the story of the gains and consequences of the job which The Gatekeeper must carry out is intriguing and even for such a short story the character is made easily relatable through his choices.

quote from the gatekeeper This screenshot is taken from the Kindle Edition of The Gatekeeper short story and shows a brief overview of the wishes which the character makes. Each wish or request since being granted the assurance that they will come to pass have been selfish ones. Whilst this may not be a part of the story which features one of the monsters which travel through the trap door, the choices made by the character show a different sort of monster: the monsters which we as humans can be when driven by our own selfish desires and dreams… However, if given this chance, how many of us would truly make wishes which benefit others opposed to ourselves? The selfish nature of humanity which is loosely explored in this story and that is one thing which makes this short tale all the more intriguing to me.

So, my final thoughts on The Gatekeeper by Kevin J. Kennedy? Well, first of all, let me start off by stating that I do not normally read short works of fiction. Normally the books and novels I read are filled with pages and pages of detailed fantasy worlds and characters with complex backstories and the likes. However, after reading this short fiction novel I have discovered a love for short fiction that I didn’t know I had! Whilst I may have missed the lack of detail which I normally get in the other books I read and despite the lack of character information – such as a name to put to The Gatekeeper as well as any sort of description – the short fiction story provided me with an easy and enjoyable read overall and a desire for more!

Book Rating?
7/10 Stars!

If you are interested in reading Kevin J. Kennedy’s other works and collaboration pieces then feel free to have a look at his website or goodreads page, the links of which will be provided below:

Website: Kevin’s Website

Goodreads: Kevin’s Goodreads Author Page