Some of you may be wondering where you at.

Well, for those of you who perhaps did not see it: I decided to take a break – a long break – and eventually start a fresh in the New Year. Yep… That’s quite a while away but until then I have been and am currently working on gathering material, writing drafts to perfect for you amazing readers and have recently decided to put my obsession with podcasts to use to start… making them?

Okay, I’m kind of lying because so far all I’ve managed to come up with is planning to sit with my brother, press record on my phone, discuss books, tv shows, movies and their characters, and then upload the recording to the blog… Eventually.

So that’s something else you have to look forward to come January. Yay!

Aside from that, if you’re missing my works – which I doubt but if you are… Then you will be happy to know that I do still write. I’m not being completely lazy… Or am I?

I’m kidding, I’m not. So if you want to read my articles then just click on the link below every so often and you will be able to read my articles which I have written for The Nerd Daily.

The Nerd Daily – My Profile & Articles

Please also take the time as well to explore the site and check out the articles written by the other members of the team if you have the time. They’re all well written and the team itself is filled with amazing individuals who had undoubtedly written something that you will also find of interest.


Many thanks and I’m hoping you are all well. This has been a quick update from myself,



Author: FandomFrenzy

Fantasy Is My Reality

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