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Question Time With RenOnTheRoad

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I’m finally able to post this, after being at my Aunts house with no Internet for the entire weekend… Here are the questions which I asked book-tuber, Lauren – otherwise known as RenOnTheRoad and here are her answers! 


What is the first book you remember reading on your own? (Not having it read to you by parent etc)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 🙂

Which fictional world (from book/TV/Movie) would you most like to be a part of?

The Harry Potter universe. There are so many more that I’d love to visit (Hawkins to fight some Demogorgons, or go to Idris with the Shadowhunters) but ultimately my heart remains in Hogwarts.

Name a movie adaptation of a book which disappointed you & state 3 reasons why.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because they immediately spoil key parts of the story from the opening scenes, they seem to have missed the entire point of how the books are written to release information slowly and keep you guessing and finally because those casting choices. What on earth was that movie.

As a fellow Harry Potter fan, if you could be a part of only 1 book which one would it be?

Half Blood Prince

Name a TV show that is no longer on air, but you wish was still around.

Good Luck Charlie. Arguably one of the best shows The Disney Channel ever produced.

One book you read and didn’t like but read again and came to like/love.

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: In your opinion, is it canon?

Yes. I’ve seen the show a fair few times now and seeing it on stage is entirely different to reading it. It makes sense and it works and you can see how the characters react to each moment. I feel like Albus’ struggles are very real, and definitely something that you would deal with if your family was so high profile and you felt you didn’t live up to it. The struggles he and Harry face make sense to me and seeing them explore that and improve that and start to heal is really important. Harrys struggle with Voldemort as well is also important and the line where he says that he was physically gone from him, but not mentally shows just how much of an impact Harry’s life has had on him and is still having on him. Draco’s redemption and showing how he has grown as a character is also equally as important to me. I think there are definitely parts of the story that don’t make sense (what is up with that trolley witch tho) but ultimately, I see it as canon and I think it’s a important part of their lives. Also, I refuse to believe Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy is not canon. That child is a blessing and we don’t deserve him.

Which TV show would you recommend watching?

One Day at a Time! It’s just been renewed for a season 3 and it’s brilliant. It’s on Netflix if you want to check it out #notspon.

As a reader yourself, is there any advice you would give to other readers?

Just read. Don’t put pressure on yourself. No numbers, no time limits, no stress, no restrictions. It doesn’t matter what genre a book is, what age range a book is, how long or how short it is. If you don’t like it, don’t finish it. If you love it, read it again immediately. Use a kindle, a hardback, a paperback or an audio book. Read for five hours a day, or read for five minutes. Read how you want to read. Just as long as you’re reading and you’re having fun whilst doing so, then you’re doing it right.

Which would you rather do: Be an Author, produce a TV Show or direct a movie? (Feel free to include why).

Author. I have lots of words in my head and lots of things to say that I don’t think I could condense my stories into two-hour scripts.



And that is it for this session of Question Time! 

Many thanks again to Lauren for her participation! Also, if you don’t know of her yet and you want to check out her own works then take a look by clicking on the link to her blog and/or her YouTube channel featured below! 

RenOnTheRoad’s Blog

RenOnTheRoad’s YouTube Channel



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