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Movie Review: Avalon High

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AH Movie
(Characters L>R: Jennifer, Marco, Allie, Mr. Moore, Will, Lance, Miles)

Avalon High is a Disney Channel Original Movie which was released in 2010. Directed by Stuart Gillard, the movie has a run time of 1hr 30 mins and is the movie adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Meg Cabot. This fantasy drama movie suitable for the entire family stars Britt Robertson as Allie Pennington, Gregg Sulkin as Will Wagner, Joey Pollari as Miles and many more talented actors and actresses. Being an adaption of the book, there are a few noticeable differences within the movie. However, the basis of the story remains the same with young Allie Pennington transferring to Avalon High only to discover that the legends surrounding King Arthur and his Knights may not be as fictional as she once believed.

Unlike Ellie Harrison from the novel, Allie Pennington is not obsessed with water and swimming but with running. Throughout the movie Allie experiences frequent flashbacks as she witnesses similar scenarios occur in the modern day which once took place in the time of the legendary King Arthur. These flashbacks, along with the predictions which Miles (a character who was not originally in the novel but is a good addition to the movie) has are cleverly edited so that they fit well into the plot without giving too much away too early.

Praise must go to the actors for portraying their characters as well as they did! Gregg Sulkin’s acting was, in this movie, exceptionally brilliant as he managed to made Will’s character believable with an air of both confidence and uncertainty underlying every action carried out on screen. Britt Robertson too was also skilful at bringing her character Allie (Ellie from the novel) to life. Hers and Gregg’s acting combined made the chemistry between Will and Allie all the more convincing as they two characters battled with the force of their connection vs the fact that they didn’t or at least shouldn’t know each other as well as they do having only just met. One aspect of the movie which I particularly enjoyed was the introduction of the character Miles who is ultimately the definition of the term nerd. The ‘teachers pet’ and a ‘swot’, Miles’s eccentric personality is fun to watch and Joey Pollari manages to make it work despite having no basis for the character like the others did assuming they’d read the novel in preparation for their roles. Ultimately, the entire cast of this movie deserve kudos for managing to portray their characters so brilliantly and also manage to bring something new to them as well.

As far as I can compliment the movie visually, I have already discussed the cleverness of the editing which was done throughout the run time. However, one piece of editing which I particularly enjoyed was the beginning of the climax featuring at the beginning of the movie. This sneak peak of sorts did not in any way spoil the ending or its twist but in fact secretly acted as a clue cleverly put into the movie that such a twist would come about. That along with the brightness of the movie and it’s contrast in colours throughout each scene made the movie easy and pleasant to watch.

Before finishing up this movie review, I must add in the additional comment about the soundtrack which was used throughout the movie. This soundtrack featured a mixture of both instrumental scores and lyrical music which fit well with the emotions one is supposed to feel during the scenes where they featured. The mixture of music also helped to further establish the idea of the two time periods paralleling with one another.

Movie Rating?
5/10 Stars!

Overall, the movie itself was one which I found highly enjoyable both when I first watched it and even now when I re-watch it. The fact that it is a Disney movie should not be used as a reason to limit its viewers as it is a movie suitable for all of the family. However, as I noted before when reviewing the book, whilst this movie is one which could be enjoyed by all you may find more enjoyment in watching it if you are interested in the legends of King Arthur or in fact Medieval history at all.

Here’s a few of my favourite parts:

Favourite Scene: The explosion in the classroom.
Favourite Character: Marco Campbell.
Favourite Quote: Mrs. Pennington: “But I was so sure it was Will.” To which Mr. Pennington replies: “I know, even had me believing it for a moment there.”




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