The Nerd Daily

The Nerd Daily

Some of you may be wondering right now well, what is The Nerd Daily? Let me tell you…

The Nerd Daily is a website which I discovered whilst browsing for sites on which I could post reviews for the books I read, movies I watched and just generally be able to state my opinions on and meet others who enjoyed the same things I did.


It is, as described on the site:


So, as you can see, it really was the perfect site for me to come across. After that, all it took was sending a quick email to the editor to introduce myself and express my interest and I was soon a team member!

me on tnd

Since then I have written a few articles for The Nerd Daily and intend to continue writing a lot more… Should you wish to read the articles which I have written then feel free to click on the link below which will take you to my profile, the link is also available at the top of my blog too. Additionally, my articles are also posted to my blog the following day after their publication on the site but still feel free to go along to The Nerd Daily website to like and comment on my works there!


May I also take a moment to suggest that you also have a read at the other articles posted by the other team members of The Nerd Daily as well? Hello, also, to any Nerd Daily writers AND readers out there who are reading this post right now.


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