#SiblingSunday: The Sibling Tag With Thomas

Who is the oldest/youngest?
Stacey: Me, I’m 22 so I’m the oldest – Older than both Thomas and Kaia. Kaia (3) and Thomas aren’t siblings though.
Thomas: I’m the youngest, out of the two of us. I’m 17.

What was the last text you sent each other?
Thomas: *On a completely unrelated topic* Yeah I’ve seen the FB post.

What do you like and dislike about your siblings? 
Stacey: I like that he’s funny and that we have a lot in common. I don’t like that we don’t live together or that he’s a better gamer than me.
Thomas: I like that she’s really smart and she can recommend good TV shows. I don’t like that she won’t admit I got the looks in the family and that we don’t live together too.

What do you and your siblings have in common? 
TV show and movie preferences, general opinion on topics and we made the best with the card dealt to us in life.

What is your funniest memory?
Stacey: At Comic Con everyone thought that he was Tom Holland.
Thomas: When we were pretending that I was staying overnight at your house and it was believed.

Most memorable argument? 
We don’t argue – we’re cool like that!

What do you and your sibling do for fun? 
Watch Netflix, hang out, play PS4, show up at each others work.

Describe each other in three words?
Stacey: He’s funny, relatable and dramatic.
Thomas: She’s funny, hyper and short.


What’s something that annoys you about the other one?
Stacey: He doesn’t read enough.
Thomas: She’s always so hyper, even first thing in the morning…

Who keeps a cleaner room? 
Stacey: Him.
Thomas: Her.

What is something weird that you eat?
Stacey: Thomas eats these merrang things that are nice but just strange…
Thomas: She has a sandwich and pickled onion monster munch crisps!

How long does it take your sibling to get dressed?
Stacey: Dressed? I’d say it takes him 10-20 minutes.
Thomas: For her anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour.

What does your sibling think about the most? 
Stacey: PS4 games.
Thomas: Harry Potter.

Who reads more? 
Stacey: Definitely me.
Thomas: Her. 110% her.

What is something that you both like to do together? 
Stacey: Watch TV.
Thomas: Watch TV.

Who is the most talented? 
Stacey: Me.
Thomas: Me.
Stacey: Ha, yeah, let’s rethink the answer to that argument questions.

What’s your favourite makeup brand? 
Stacey: None.
Thomas: I don’t know any.

What is your sibling really bad at?
Stacey: Tidying up.
Thomas: Playing games.

What is the best thing about the other? 
Stacey: His humour.
Thomas: Her intelligence.

Who takes longer to get ready? 
Stacey: Me.
Thomas: You.

Nicknames you have for each other? 
Stacey: Spiderman, because he looks a bit like Tom Holland, ha!
Thomas: Stace

Last thing you talked about? 
Stacey: Nicknames.
Thomas: Nicknames.
Stacey: Because we’re in a Facebook call talking about these questions!

Are you close? 
Stacey: Oh, without a doubt!
Thomas: Definitely.

One thing you can do that your sibling can’t? 
Stacey: Whistle.
Thomas: ‘Everything’ (OHHHH!). I can roll my tongue, she can’t.

What is the one dish you want Mum to make you both when you’re both feeling down?
Stacey: Uh, we don’t know our Mum so… What would we make each other?
Thomas: I’d want you to make Fajitas.
Stacey: I’d want you to make Lasanga.
Thomas: Oh, Lasanga’s nice!

What’s a weird habit of yours? 
Stacey: I’m just generally weird, haha!
Thomas: Rolling up paper.

What was your biggest fight or argument? 
Stacey: None.
Thomas: None.

Describe the last thing you did with your sibling?
Stacey: Heart-To-Heart.
Thomas: Went to see Infinity War in the cinema.

Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”?
Stacey: Too tall for his own good.
Thomas: My sibling.



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