~ June 2018 Blog Plans ~

(May I state here that I do not own this GIF, credit to the owner – I merely found it on Google)

KIDDING! Although, yeah spoilers for my blog ahead… 

JUNE IS FINALLY HERE! Oh how I have longed for the arrival of the summer months… I am just not wrapping up my final pieces of work at University and whilst that is underway am still working part-time at my local supermarket. HOWEVER, that being said I am about to come into a lot of free time, especially over the next couple of weeks and I don’t intend to let that free time go to waste.

Consider this post a general update of the blogs ‘going ons’ of which I hope will help to keep you posted and eagerly awaiting what is to come. First of all, let me give a big HELLO and THANK YOU to those of you out there who follow my blog!

download There you go, a nice hug for you all – and that hug may also be extended to just anyone who takes a moment to read any of my posts. Thank you!

That being said, it’s time to tell you what is coming! Now obviously one of the things I prize myself in sometimes is spontaneity and with that being said I may not be able to tell you each and every thing that I plan to post on my blog, but I can give you a general idea.

(Smaller update inserted: I now know how to work Google spreadsheets and have a much better idea at how to plan out posts etc now) 

Here’s what to expect THIS month (generally!):

  • Book Reviews: Harry Potter, Short Horror Fiction Works…
  • Movie Reviews: Harry Potter, Like Minds, Deathnote…
  • TV Show Reviews: My Family, Hemlock Grove (S1)…
  • Book Tags
  • Top 10…
  • Other, including Books VS Movies & Books VS Kindles…

IN ADDITION to those mentioned above, I shall also be starting a #SiblingSunday in which my brother and I shall complete tasks, book tags, have discussions etc… More on that can be found by clicking on the following link:


And that’s it! Other posts will include any prompt challenges which I recieve and the likes.

Again, thank you for your follows, attention and patience and understanding as I spent the previous few weeks dealing with personal issues. Things look to be improving and I hope that I didn’t disappoint or irritate anyone with my lack of posting – that is now about to change.

Many thanks and hoping you are all well,


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