sibling sunday
(Top Image: Myself (22) and my little sister Kaia (3) – Same Dad, Different Mums.) 
(Bottom Image: Myself (22) and my little brother Thomas (17) – Same Mum, Different Dads.)

Avicii – Hey Brother/Sister

I mentioned in my last blog post that I shall be starting a #SiblingSunday – here’s a bit more about what to expect each Sunday from now on.

As you can see, one of my siblings is a little young to be ‘guest starring’ on my blog, however I am planning on trying to find activities and such which she can be included in so that some #SiblingSunday posts may be dedicated to her as well. It should also be noted that my little sister, Kaia, does not live in the same country and so blog posts concerning her will sadly be… rare.

What the majority of #SiblingSunday blog posts shall feature however is activities carried out with my brother, Thomas, who will be joining me and completing tasks such as book tags, movie tags, discussions etc. We are both hoping that at some point along the lines – eventually – the two of us may turn #SiblingSunday from a blog post which is written and to be read to a podcast which will be easily accessiable and can be listened to any anyone’s leisure. However, until then…

Coming this Sunday (3rd June 2018): The Sibling TagThomas and I answer a few questions concerning each other: what we like about one another and dislike, our funniest moments and a few more home truths… 



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