Hey there,

This post is mostly just to satisfy my own curiosity and also one which will contribute to an article I am writing for The Nerd Daily. So, below I have a few questions which I will be asking and if you like then feel free to answer one, some, all or even none of them – although at least one of them would be helpful… Here they are!

  1. Are you a part of any fandoms and if so, which ones? (Please state at least 2)
  2. When did you learn of/become a part of a fandom?
  3. What do you like most about being part of a fandom?
  4. What do you like least about being part of a fandom?
  5. Do you participate in any fandom related activities (eg, online discussions/debates, Comic Con, Fanfiction writing, fanart drawing etc)?
  6. Do you feel like being a part of a fandom has changed or influenced your life and if so, in which way(s)?


Many thanks for your time! Hopefully this blog post may even allow for others to meet and begin to interact with those in the same/other fandoms too.



2 thoughts on “Fandoms?

  1. Shannon⚡️ (@xShanDan) says:

    1. I am part of the Marvel and DC fandom.
    2. I learned about it through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
    3. The thing I like most about being part of a fandom is the collectiveness and being able to interact with individuals who have the same interests as me. I like discussing fan theories with them and stuff.
    4. Sometimes, there can be a divide within the fandom about a certain thing, everyone has their own opinions so people can clash a lot.
    5. I participate in fandom-related activities such as fanart, involving myself in online conversations about a specific topic and support others fanart/fanfictions.
    6. I feel that it is good to know there are people out there with the same interests as you and the feeling of belonging to a group makes you feel good. I would say it has changed my life for the better, it gives me something to talk about with like-minded individuals.

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    • fandomfrenzy says:

      Those are all brilliant answers to the questions, thanks so much for participating! I shall let you know when the article is complete, as well as when it shall be published both on The Nerd Daily site and my blog! 🙂


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