20 Personal Struggles of Being A Book Lover

Keeping in mind these are 20 personal struggles which I face being a book lover, there are plenty more which apply to both myself and to other individual book fanatics as well. Feel free to comment with your own! 

And so, in no particular order, let’s begin the list… 

1. Picking a book.

picking a book

2. Finding the time to read.

so much work

3. DNF-ing.


4. Struggles of a book series or stand alone novel.


5. Reviewing and critiquing a book.


6. No (good) fan-fiction.


7. Can’t find fellow fans to fan with.

no fans

8. Places to read.


9. Books v.s Kindles.

kindlee ]

10. The cost of books.


11. TV Show/Movie adaptations (or lack of).

books movies

12. Book lending.

book lending

13. Spoiled Endings.


14. FEELS!

Control your emotions

15. Lack of space to keep books.

too many

16. The troubles of the library.


17. Book keeping.


18. Multiple reads.


19. Being asked your favourite book.

favourite book

20. Reality hitting.

reality setting in



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